Qualifications and Approach

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Qualifications and Approach
15th November 2019 
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Qualifications and Approach

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Qualifications and Approach. Riversmile2

Professional Qualifications

During the time I have been in practice as a fully qualified psychotherapist in London, I have worked with an extremely wide range of clients, who have come to see me with a diversity of difficulties and needs.

I hold a Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, and am UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) registered and accredited.

I was trained as a therapist at CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy) - a leading integrative and transpersonal psychotherapy institute based in Little Venice, London. During this time, I completed a one year Foundation training in counselling and psychotherapy, followed by a 4-year long professional Diploma course.

As part of my training, I saw clients at a number of psychotherapy and counselling centres - including the Caravan Drop In at St James' Church in Piccadilly, the West London Centre for Counselling and Equilibrium in Southfields.

I also hold a BA in Philosophy with Honours, PGCE in Adult Education, an MA in Communications and a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.

Some of the places of learning I have attended (in chronological order):
Hill House Preparatory School, Westminster School, University of Sussex, Goldsmith's College University of London, Institute of Education University of London, CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education).

Areas of Specialism

Anxiety, anger, depression, addiction, eating disorders and relationship/attachment issues.

I have also extensively worked with students of psychotherapy/trainee therapists, providing them with support both as clients and as students.

Personal Approach

My practice is informed by a number of theoretical approaches (including psychodynamic, existential, and transpersonal) - but I am guided by the principle that direct experience and the individual’s particular needs should determine my responses at all times, rather than any particular theory or dogma. I aim to be fluid and dynamic in my way of relating to what arises in the therapeutic space at any given moment.

In doing so, I mindfully, and intuitively, draw on and weave together apparently disparate (but actually complementary) approaches – mystical and scientific, cognitive and intuitive, transpersonal and psychodynamic.

All the time, remaining conscious that people often come to see me not simply to gain insight but to be supported and guided in making real, concrete changes.

Thus I seek:

To provide total and undivided attention and be completely present - in the firm certainty that in being fully attentive and empathic, one is able to create the conditions for healing and transformation

To respond intuitively and dynamically to whatever may arise at any given time

To be informed by theory but not ruled by it -

And ultimately to ensure that the client's needs always come first.