About Psychotherapy

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About Psychotherapy
15th November 2019 
About Psychotherapy
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About Psychotherapy

" We cannot change anything until we accept it. And we can not accept it until we see it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses."
 Carl Jung

Psychotherapy is about the transformative power of insight - insight made possible through
the creation of a space and the forging of a relationship in which the individual can, with the help of the therapist, begin to identify and overcome the inner resistances and barriers preventing them from actualising their potential.

This growing self-awareness, to be sustained and lead to actual change, needs to be felt and not merely thought; and it needs to arise in a field of compassion and empathy - from the therapist towards the client, but ultimately, and most importantly, from the individual towards themselves.

It is about establishing and holding a sacred space in which nothing is allowed to get in the way of the client's self-exploration;
a place in which the individual can feel safe enough to begin understanding, expressing and ultimately transforming themselves.

It is a process which works by making connections between present behaviour and past experiences (often painful, traumatic ones) -unearthing and bringing to light the beliefs (scripts, programming) which have hitherto determined the individual's patterns and responses, often at an unconscious level.

In gaining insight into those core beliefs (eg. "I do not deserve to be loved"; "the world is a hostile and threatening place"; "it is only by grabbing what I can and trampling over others, that I can survive and flourish"; "I am only of value if I make money and become successful at the job I do" etc.), the individual, with the support and guidance of the therapist, can then begin transforming those beliefs, replacing them with positive, self-affirming ones.

What Benefits Can be Expected from Psychotherapy?

In therapy, one is able to develop a profound level of self-awareness; and through that, the freedom is found to transform one's behaviour and emotional/cognitive responses, to begin to choose how to respond, rather than be ruled by unconscious messages and injunctions from the past.

Psychotherapy at its best is testament to the alchemical
power of speaking one’s Truth - without judgement and without
discrimination; the good and bad altogether, uncensored
and Unmanipulated .
When we come together become vulnerable
and look upon with clear eyes and bear witness to our grief, fear, rage, joy,
And love without value judgement or seeking to make it fit a particular
narrative or ideology but only with compassion; then a miraculous
transformation becomes possible - turning the lead of our suffering
Into the gold of love ; this only possible when the fire of truth is
allowed to burn freely in the womb and furnace of the sacred space
Which is formed when we strip away all that separates us and
prevents us from fully present and attentive to one another.